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Bare..kinky sex. [2.06.08 (Wednesday) 7:18am]
This happened on Monday in Philosophy...same lesson Lee mentioned his 'friendly whale'. Already told Natasha but figured it was funny enough to post up here.

Me: *randomly starts choking on spit for no apparent reason*
Farrow: *looks concerned* Are you alright?
Me: *cough*...Hairball...*cough*
Farrow: HAIRBALL??
Harlene (at other end of the class): WOAH WILHELM!!
Farrow: ...0_0... *looks like he'll need therapy*

So yes, they were speculating about my kinky sex life.
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeh! *Glomps* [2.04.08 (Monday) 6:24pm]
I love.
I don't know why, I just do.
Feel the sexual tension.

Let yourself be seduced.Collapse )

Ahh... fabulous in the most sexual manner. A bit like Wilhelm, I guess.

Oooh funny moment today:

Farrow: "...Like Hume demonstrates; if a man is on a ship in the middle of the ocean, he doesn't have the choice to get off the ship. Of course, unless in jumps out, but that would be suicide."
Lee: "A friendly whale could come and save him."
Farrow: "..."
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Soulmates, they search. [1.24.08 (Thursday) 5:56pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

It's that time of week again! Time for the Midweek Observer's Soulmates adds, now let's see what this week brings to us!

Sporty M, 19,smoker, likes clubs and basketball, but no really drinking. Seeks sexy mixed-race F for friendship, maybe lasting love. Slough Hmm, the really sad thing about this is that the guy is 19. What kind of saddo is already in the loser adverts.

Me too. Also pubs, exploring London, lamb chops, Radio 4, & surprises. This tall, extensively traveled young 50s man, marooned in Slough is looking for fun and friendship with ... well surprise him! Extensively traveled....err.. does that mean the two week vacation in Spain? A bit full of himself, no?

Thoughtful, highly-educated, artistic M, early 60s, 5'8", slim, divorced, enjoys overseas travel, architecture & cycling. Seeks slim F, zany in spirit but happy in elegance. Err...another one pretty far up his own ass, no? He even got a lil' poetic as well, ah but remember he's an 'artistic' type.

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Recap...oh month past. [1.23.08 (Wednesday) 7:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

W00t. 2008. W00t. Not that exciting. In like the last month nothing's happened. Let's see:
Dec. 3: Wilhelm's birthday. Didn't get him a gift on time because I had no idea what to get him. But I did make him a cake the evening before, as an apology. I even took a picture of it cuz it's the first time I ever actually cook something completly by myself, so I was rather proud, though it turned out a bit sweet cuz instead of doing a whipped cream topping like I usually do, I made proper icing, so you know, butter and sugar basically.

Cake!Collapse )

Dec. 5: Went to the Tate Britain with the rest of the IB to have a tour on Romantic Art. It was utterly boring, 'cuase our guide was about as unfamiliar with Romanticism and Wordsworth as we where, considering we hadn't even started it yet. But then me an Naheed pretended we had rehearsals to get back to school to, so that we could go. We didn't really have pantomine rehearsals, but the teachers did't know, now did they. Consdering I was in Lonodn got Wilhelm a sweater.

Dec. 7: Ooooh my birthday, Natasha's and Phoebe's (mentiong Phoebe, I got ther gift last week, I just keep forgetting to bring it in..it's one of those Bunny Suicides Diary, i dunno if she'll like it, I just found it amusing.) Also the day of the Pantomine to Year 7s. I got presents from Wilhelm, Naheed and Jessica. My mom had bought me a some clothes the week before, and my Dad didn't know what to get me, so if I want anything I can still take him up on that. I only had two lessons to go to, first period physics, and third period maths. There where some random Italian people, they annoyed the shit out of Mr. Gajdus. So the modern-day Cinderella went okay I guess, I mean it was infinitly better then the script. (note to self: never act in a play written by a certain one-testicled person, i.e Aaron Pearson) So then Iwent home, my mom made me help clean which just mean, and well Wilhelm called, which was lovely.

Dec. 10: I became ill over the weekend but I wanted to be at school that day becuase it was the Procter & Gamble Choir trip, which is always exceedingly fun, if only for the amount of cosmetics they give us. Wilhelm kept saying I should stay home, but I didn't, and anyway I only went for the trips so I was back at 1pm. so I went home and Wilhelm came over and took care of me, as he does when I'm ill.

Dec. 11: The next day was my English presentation and I hadn't done jack shit, so my dad stayed home and helped me. and the when Wilhelm came over duriing his lunch hour to help me as well, my dad kicked him out. Oh well, I wasn't that bother because I got the presentation done.

Dec. 12: English orals for me. W00P W00p, I think it went pretty well!

Errr, yeah, I'm tired of writing...I'll keep on doing a recap later.

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The stuff of boredom. [11.30.07 (Friday) 6:42pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Tired, tired, tired. Arrgh...Long timed haven't updated...dunno why..but anyway. Yesterday 20 of us went to see Aida at the Coliseum. It was atrocious. The only good thing it had going for it was it's tacky set. The general feeling I got from it can only be described in one way: In the 19th Century there was a great vogue for Chinese and Japanese prints which caused a huge number of European artists to imitate the orient-style. So that all these 'authentic prints' from the Orient, were in fact rather obvious European fakes. Well that's exactly how it felt, considering Aida takes place in Ancient Egypt, and they drew hieroglyphic-esque shapes upon the screens which was kinda sad cuz how hard would it have been for them to draw proper hieroglyphics, and the singers were fat and the plot was crap..the normal tragedy of star-crossed lovers, and it was just a waste. I mean, I'm starting to get fed up of listening to Italian operas sung in English. You just automatically lose all of the charm and beauty of it. Puccini, Verdi, they should be sung in Italian as the were written. And anyway how many people understand the singing any better when it's in English then when it's in a foreign language. They might as well singing it in the original and then flash the words upon the screen in translation.
Yes, yes, I am a scary purist at heart.
Oooooh! But the highlight of the evening was the teenie, weenie little mouse we saw scurrying upon the tracks at Paddington tube station (Bakerloo line), it's tail was like two times its body size. so sweet...*sigh* I miss our spider. Well it's not like we adopted her, it was more like she adopted us, and we worked together in perfect harmony and then one day she was gone. A bit like the spider in the top-hand corner of the shower...I use to see it every time I took my shower, though never mentioned it because I didn't want my parents to bring it outside. It's been gone for a few weeks now but I still can't help looking up to see if it's there.

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London Expo [10.22.07 (Monday) 7:47am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Expo was pretty good. Got 11 hours for it. Hopefully Mr. Moore won't have a fit because she crossed out the hours and changed them, cuz she wrote 9 first, and then she counted in my overtime and changed it to 11.
Well I would put up pictures of me in my Kagome costume (which I spent all of Friday making, but that jackass Navin still has to e-mail them to me. Can you beleive that I forgot my camera both days..how stupid is that? Well my costume turned out surprisingly well...yes, when you see it on a hanger it looks like a rag but when I wore it it looked a lot better. I went with slayer_vampire on Saturday....It took us two hours to get there! 30 minutes for the Slough-Paddington, then the Bakerloo line till Oxford Circus, here we had to change to the Central line for Bank and there we changed unto the DLR...where we met some dude who told us we had to change at Canning Town as we were starring perplexed at the map. So yeah we went the rest of the journey with him. He was okay....sounded pretty gay...I mean imagine the stereotypical gay voice and then give it to him, it was quite funny actually. He was finishing his graduate degree in Philosophy and was specializing on the mind/body problem.
Ya know...I liked IMAF way better than the London Expo. I mean it was just an open space with loads of stalls and various stuff, and there was the continuous sound of the DDR machines music. though it was really weird..cuz some where in the expo they were regularly playing Voodoo & Serano's Blood Is Pumping..and everytime I kept following the music it would disappear. *Sighs* I LURVE Blood Is Pumping, I mean I've had it on my MP3 player for the last 3 years...actually I've had it on there ever since I've had one. You can imagine how infuriating it was.
Now on to what I was actually doing!....I almost died the first day, I was suppose to be posted at the Back Exit but since I got there early they posted my at Darkmoon Faire. Right, well Darkmoon Faire was a competition hosted in the hall next to the London Expo. My job was to be at the connected entry of the two Expo's and let people from the expo into Darkmoon Faire but no one from Darkmoon Faire into the London expo. Cuz London Expo is payed entry whereas Darkmoon Faire is free entry. so I had to stamp the hands of the Expo people and tell them to come back in through the main entrance.
I was with some dude called Constantin.... I quite liked him. He had just finished his studies on Computer Games. Anyway..now what exactly was Darkmoon Faire? It was the name of the World of Warcraft section. It was SOOOOOOOO SAD!! These losers were on rows of computers with headphones on and if you looked at them carefully, soon you could see they're the blood leaving they're faces and their eyes going red and glazed from staring so intently at the computer screen. then on the other side were the trading card game losers....I didn't even KNOW there was a World of Warcraft trading game! It wouldn't have been so bad if I'd been put there for a couple of hours..but no! I was stuck there for 6 hours! Constantin got relieved after a couple of hours and went to tell the staff that I shouldn't be there, but non one came to relieve me and in then I just left and went to speak to them and they were like.. "Go, go, you've done you're bit. Go have fun."
All the Pocky had run out which was sad, but I did buy a t-shirt. It's really cute as well! It's got sushi in a bento box with cat heads on them, and it's written 'Sushi Neko' at the bottom in small letters. Though my mom was rather disappointed when I brought it back and she saw it was orange, cuz I already have an orange t-shirt...but whatever I liked the design best.
Sunday was kinda better, I went alone this time and left home a bit earlier so I got there earlier as well. Though I reported to duty as soon as I got there. At the beginning I was posted at the main entrance which was pretty fun cuz I was taking tickets and me and the other stewards messed about quite a bit.
The next 4 hours was boring as jackshit...I was doing crowd control for Marina Sirtis (http://www.marinasirtis.tv) played in Star Trek and Stargate and other random programs that I know nothing of...talk about controlling a crowd...what crowd?! I just stood there on the side, luckily the woman who was taking care of the money for the autographs gave me the Sunday Times to read...so it wasn't that bad.
Well at 4:30 I got off duty, got my CAS forms signed and disappeared at 5. Well at Canning Town I met Julie who is part of the Expo staff, so we did the journey up to Oxford Circus together, she was really quite nice. Sure I complain about my commuting (2 hours to go and 2 hours to come back..so I did 8 hours commuting over the weekend)...well after taking the tube she had a 3 hour coach journey back home. Phew! I would have died.

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Today-ish.... [10.05.07 (Friday) 3:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Yellow, people...so what has today brought? Err...err....errr....not much. *sighs* I got those huge Higher Maths textbooks..so heavy and I'll have to bring it every single day except Wednesday..which is the ONLY day it's be useful to me...I mean think of all the little kids I could be smacking during Wednesday afternoon activities with it....*sighs* aghrr the irony. Anyway, going back to Higher Maths....I'm barely getting anything...and I'm LOVING IT! No seriously, after quite a bit I do get it, and then I'm like 'oh cool!!!!!' So that's going pretty well, oooh, I start Japanese lessons Monday! Even though that officially takes away any free I have...no seriously, I now have none, zero, zilch, finite...argh, that's gonna take some adjusting.

You know what seriously irks me though, it's the placement of my English lessons. I'm not kidding on Week A I have a free on Wednesday Period 4, yes you got it, normal year 12 lunch time. It drives me mad!! I would much rather have a free on Thursdays normal lunch time...I mean frees are useful when you have long days, having a free on a 4 lesson day is just annoying.

So, Old Peoples Party, guess who's organizing....you got it...moi. I figured if anyone else did it, it would suck balls so me and Tim'll do it. I just figured that since the prom turned out so well...I might as well do this. Have I mentioned I'm thinking of making a Year 12 Christmas party? Yeah, I know...I just figure since IB and A-Levels are now so separate it might be cool to have a party for all of us

Anyway, I beleive that's about it...yeah..ooh I might as well add that 'I'm A Cyborg, But It's OK' is adorable. No really, it's just over-the-top and weird but cute. And on another note I just downloaded 2 of Delerium's albums: Poem (special edition) and Chimera. *happy sigh*

Oooh, and I was the only one to get 10/10 on my Physics homework!! Which is even cooler because I got Omid (top GCSE result in the country for Physics) and Sanjiv (who's just clever and cool) in my class..so that's my achievement for the day. ^_^

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This afternoon, my subjective account ...*yeah! bust out the philosophical terms!* [10.03.07 (Wednesday) 6:10pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Tired, tired, tired. Man, I'm just getting exhausted...by like everything. Mild depression you think? I dunno, really I don't. Phew..did MUNGA again. So cool. Since no one wanted to be there I told some kids that if they happened to jump out the window and leave....I wouldn't stop them. Since no one actually had chosen it as an activity, and some kid said "Is this going to help us with our SATs is it gonna give us an A*? Why can't we spend an hour doing, Maths, English or Science? Something actually useful?!" So Lee and I told the squirts they could either do their homework or masturbate. Anyway I left at 3pm to go upstairs and help Wilhelm during his French detention. *sigh* Nathan kept coming in to ask stuff, which was quite funny, and he even stole Wilhelm's papers at one point. Anyway, that was that, Ya know I truly beleive Wilhelm could actually get quite good at French if he actually set the time to practice, i.e talk to me. I mean at lunch he kept repeating "c'est la merde" to everything I said (his way of showing he could hold a conversation with me with only those three words) and I finished by telling him "si tu n'arrête pas je vais the casser les couilles" (if you don't stop I'll break your balls)...anyway the point of this story is that he learnt a new word today 'couilles'...and thus he asked every single person we crossed "Avez-vous des couilles?? (do you have balls)...NON STOP!!! He didn't stop repeating it all day...even to teachers! So annoying...*sighs*...ah well..I love it really.

Anyway, that's my day....err Naheed got pissy at me cuz I couldn't be bothered to do that MUNGA crap....yes, Naheed, I know we're suppose to select some squirts to go to Taplow Court and to tell you the truth I couldn't give a fuck...and neither could they. MWAHAHAGHA....*ahem* anyway, Lee and I will make them watch 'The Day After Tomorrow' next week....ya know global warming, err international awareness, political issues...yeah....less work for us and they'll have fun. I mean come on, I would not impose that utter load shit on kids...would you?

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Higher: Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, French; Standard: English, Chemistry [9.28.07 (Friday) 5:15pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

You read the title..I am indeed doing 4 highers, and my 4th is Mathematics. Gosh, I'm really scared though because the Maths Department really didn't want to take anyone with anything lower than an A*. Lenton (bless her grunting soul), thinks it is wrong of the school to limit our university applications and thus I was allowed to move to higher today. "THANK YOU, MR. BEACH!!!" He's the one who brought it up to Mrs. Symons. So anyway, he did tell me today, that I should be very humble and keep my head down etc... because the Maths Dep. are gonna use anything to claim they should only let people with A*s get in.....Well I got Tim's notes to copy from so I'll be doing that this weekend....I'm actually quite nervous though because everyone tells me I'm an idiot for talking a 4th higher and then when they find out it's math they just sort of stare incredulously. Wilhelm didn't stop having a go at me all day long. It was like, continuous. When he found out, he even dragged me into an empty closed the door and started shouting about how stupid I was for doing it. Which I think was a real waste 'cause I can think of quite a few things which an empty classroom can be used for and they don't involve shouting..actually they don't involve speaking at all ;P. So yeah, he's not exactly pleased at what I'm supposedly 'doing to myself'. I mean if I feel loaded I guess I'll drop down from philosophy higher....I assume I have a better chance of getting a good grade even if at Higher, cuz I'm with Hilton..is that true? cuz if it's not...I'm dropping.

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Stuff [9.26.07 (Wednesday) 4:04pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I'm tired, still a bit sick. I'm in mega-need of a cuddle. I just want to be held. *sigh* Silly I know, but I guess everyone goes through these moments.

*10 mins later*

..HAHAHA!!! Been watching God, Inc, these people are hilarious. I love the publicity department, especially the Islam publicist Amid...here have a few quotes:

Amid (on the phone): "Look when you guys run into a room with explosives straps to your chests and blow everyone up, could they not shout 'Praise Allah'? We'd like to leave his name out of it..What if they shout '72 Virgins' do you think that'll go over?"

....and another one...

Amid: "That's because my marketing strategy is the one true strategy."
Esther ('really Christian' publicist): "What? That 72 virgins thing? You hired an outside consultant"
Amid: "So what?"
Esther: "So..that's cheating. Besides you get all your new clients by bribing them. My clients have a higher intellectual idea of heaven."
Amid: "Sitting on a cloud, plucking the harp? Ya..that's sexy."

It's brilliant isn't it?

Apart from that, been listening to Sasha Dith's 'Russian Girls' lately...it always reminds me of alkairis though, just 'cause well...russian girls!!! "Girls... give me give me only one, Russian girls, You take my soul..." I wonder if they still take her soul?

aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! I hurt my foot while jumping up the stairs. It really hurts badly. Instead of jumping on the flat of my foot, I sort of jumped on the side of it, so all my weight went on one small little part of my foot, and thus twisting it.

Anyway, I did MUNGA today! The most huge load of crap I've ever seen. Mock United Nations General Assembly? The blank look on those little squirts eyes..pretty much spelt out 'Was ist das?'. Most of them didn't even know what the United Nations were...so I made a point of explaining to them that the United Nations was a group of people from different European countries and that this group was separated into two...France and the rest. I didn't stay the whole two hours though because there was a talk about what Physics opportunities there were. It was pretty boring...but I was the only IB girl there.

Got a presentation in English tomorrow. I got to basically teach a poem of my choosing (either by Owen or Sassoon) to the class. Not to difficult then, I guess all I have to do it annotate it and then talk about it, which like I said isn't too hard.

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[9.24.07 (Monday) 11:29am]
So, I have two frees in the mornings on Monday, it's good 'cause it means after French (first lesson)I get to come back home and have breakfast and play around on the computer. Today should be quite cool because all Physics students need to report to the Gym after at 2:00 for a lecture. (side note: Ai, ai, ai..why is my right breast hurting? It's like a burning pain that comes and goes every 10 seconds. It might be GROWING!!...hopefully because my right breast is the smaller of the two.) Anyway back to the lecture, it's cool 'cause it means I miss Registration (don't like Mr. Peel that much) and hopefully Philosophy...I dunno I'm liking philosophy less these days.
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Feelings. [9.18.07 (Tuesday) 7:59pm]
[ mood | *see below* ]

Tired, irritated, beat up, annoyed, beat, broken-down, burned out, collapsing, consumed, distressed, dog-tired, done for, done in, drained, drooping, droopy, drowsy, empty, enervated, exasperated, fagged, faint, fatigued, fed up, finished, flagging, haggard, irked, irritated, jaded, narcoleptic, overtaxed, overworked, petered out, played out, pooped, pooped out, prostrated, run-down, sick of, sleepy, spent, stale, tuckered out, wasted, weary, whacked, worn, worn out.

*courtesy of thesaurus.com

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Meanderings of School Days [9.15.07 (Saturday) 11:57am]
[ mood | content ]

School, school, school. I have no life. Even less than I did before. I mean my life used to revolve around my computer, but now I don't have time nor the inclination. I mean this morning I actually sat down to copy up maths notes, something I never do! So yeah, I really hope Miss Healey gets my essay. Considering the technicians have completely fucked up the school system with their upgrade to Windows Vista. I mean memory sticks don't work (even Mr. Naylor acknowledges that)and they've blacklisted all the e-mail websites making it impossible for me to download and then print it. So, I had to walk back home at lunch and e-mail my essay to her school e-mail address and I left a message in her pigeon hole saying I did so. Hopefully she'll have read it. But anyway, dude the school systems suck so badly, you have to put in your password like 3 times for it to work, so really i dunno what the technicians are up to.

Ah, Open Evening, open evening went pretty well, I was suppose to be guiding but I only gave one tour because it was so freakin' long! By the end I was exhausted, so I spent the rest of the evening in the Mr Hilton's room, which hosted the RS/Politics/Philosophy department. Wilhelm spent his time sitting in Hilton's chair, until he disappeared for a bit somewhere. Lee was dressed up as a Jew and shouting 'Happy Jewish New Year' to anyone who could be bothered to listen. So it was all pretty amusing. I had a long philosophical conversation with Mr. Handa who is currently my TOK teacher, yesterday he lent me a book 'The Jesus Mysteries' and a CDR about Timothy Freke's theory of Lucid Living, that was prety cool.

Mr. Hilton's lessons are surprisingly not that annoying. I was expecting him to be super annoying but no, it's all good. We're going through the introduction of Plato's The Republic. Though he keeps shouting at me to speak up, because I talk kind of quietly.

One very annoying thing though is a girl called Lessha (I think that's show you spell her name. HER VOICE!!!! AARRRGGGH!! There's nothing actually wrong with her voice and it isn't in itself annoying...it's just that went talking in class she projects her voice, so that it becomes so much louder than anyone else's. It is sooo annoying, I feel like pulling my hair out, and she's in quite a few of my lessons. But the worst is in Standard French lessons, I don't do the lesson, I just read a book in French and able to filter out everyone's voice so that I don't really hear them, BUT, as soon as Leesha starts talking... BANG there's goes my concentration!! It's like a bullet to the brain! I can't stand it. It drives me crazy. It's bad enough in normal lessons, I swear I'm going to blow one day and shout at her to talk a normal level.

Anyway, so that is how my week has been. Not to bad, I'm liking this IB stuff. ^_^

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School, school, school [9.06.07 (Thursday) 5:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I am on a mission to make school uniform sexy. I beleive I'm succeeding..hopefully :D anyway, so 6th former now, s'ok so far. I mean ergh, I was suppose to be the only one doing Higher IB Philosophy and then some fucktard called Lee changed from A-Levels today to IB and guess what he chose...Higher Philo. that means I'm no longer one-on-one with Hilton. Oh well I will make him regret the day he ticked Higher Philo, I will make each lesson living hell..just by my absolute brilliance and beat down everything he says. i mean I'm absolutely crap at arguing logically..or 'dialectically' as Farrow puts it, but whatever I've decided I'm gonna beat his so badly..and so...I will. I have a very competitive nature...and he just pissed me off. *hmmph* Anyway, my timetable isn't to bad I got two frees Monday, Friday afternoons off and other random frees. Same lunch hour as year 13's on Monday which is goooood *wink, wink* Errrr, I have Peel as a form tutor...I don't really like him that much. Mr. Moore was sooo much better, he was like the best form tutor ever!Eurgh, CAS hours. I really need to start on that.

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Hastings Holiday!....hmm. [8.30.07 (Thursday) 8:50am]
[ mood | busy ]

I must write about that week...eurgh. I'm really not one for holidays. I'm infinitely happier now that I'm back home. I like being home and being inside. But anyway, I still will.

So yes hastings was ok, we got there on Saturday, but we had problems getting near the apartment (self-catering) because there was the festival being held so the traffic kept being redirected. so finally we parked in one of those huge parking lots with loads of floors, and on our way to the apartment we stopped by some restaurant to eat. But since the town was so crowded the restaurant was as well, so it took them 43 minutes (yes I was indeed timing)to come take our order. Not make it! Just take the order. Then another 20 minutes to make it, which is reasonable I would say considering we all order fish & chips apart from my mom. So we made our way to the apartment and it's quite nice because it was in the middle of the Old Town of a pedestrian street, so no cars allowed. Well the first two days we went to Camber Sands, a really nice beach in...you guessed it, Camber, so I strut around in my very small bikini that just makes me look chubby, but anyway. On Tuesday it was wet and rainy so we ended up going to Underwater World, the aquarium in Hastings. Wednesday, was my dad's birthday, but for some weird reason I was convinced the 15th of August was on Thursday, and everyone except my dad believed me, so he was looking forward on Thursday that we all shout 'Happy Birthday' and he could, say, 'no you're wrong it was yesterday, ha ha, too bad for you. but in the late afternoon as we were going to Hastings castle, I saw the parking ticket on a car and on it was the date, and I was like, 'Oh Fuck'. But it all turned out well, after visiting the ruins we went to the supermarket and bought yummy food and thus make a yummy supper. Thursday, I really don't remember what we did....oooh actually I do, we walked around, and I went on the trampolines. that was fun, I had fun doing all the flips and stuff. On Friday, my dad made us go to the beach again but it was freezing so all we did was walk around completely dressed picking up seashells. On our way there we stopped by a 13th century church, very nice looking inside. Some of the people had woven a tapestry which was sweet. But gosh it was freezing cold on that day.

Saturday, the day of our departure, we went to Herstmonceaux Castle intending to visit the inside, but it wasn't open, and we think there was a marriage going on inside. So we got a double ticket to visit the grounds and the Observatory Science Center which is on the fields. the best thing about the Herstmonceaux grounds was the mulberry tree in the garden. OMG!! the fruits of the tree were succulent. Absolutely heavenly, gaaah, good stuff. the Science Center was pretty neat, I had loads of fun with the hands-on activities, the reason they built the Science Center there was because all 5 original Greenwich telescopes had been brought down to Sussex there until they were no longer used in 1995, and so they were bought by a company and they opened the Observatory Science center there. We were given a tour of the telescopes. They are MASSIVE things! Humongous! So yeah, in the gift shop my mom bought a gyroscope, two UV bracelets (they change color under UV light, e.g. sunlight) and I asked for one of those hand warmers Yuri use to have. It's red and in the shape of a heart. The only problem with Saturday was that the car was broken, so it was extremely dangerous, because we had no clue if it would just stop, and if it had (especially in those windy roads and on the highway) we would have certainly all died in a huge car crash, so we were lucky. We fixed both cars last week.

Anyway, that was my Holiday in Hastings.

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Facebook Singleness No Longer [8.21.07 (Tuesday) 3:39pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

♥ Almendra is no longer listed as single. Because I no longer feel single.

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Singleness [8.11.07 (Saturday) 7:49am]
[ mood | bemused ]

♥ Almendra is listed as single. On Facebook that is, I was showing my mom the 'relationship status' icon and how I never filled it up and she told me that I might as well put single because I practically am. So I did. Because she's right.

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Quizzes & Shit (whichever you wish to call them) [8.09.07 (Thursday) 8:44am]
[ mood | pensive ]

I've been re-doing a few quizzes I here are the results:

How weird am I?Collapse )

Well that isn't that surprising, is it?

Am I masculine or feminine?Collapse )

Again, not that surprising was it?

And last one, How peaceful am I?Collapse )
I think that's little to peaceful to be me, don't you think?

So yeah, err, quizzes, ah sue me, I haven't done any for ages.

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Ahhh, can you smell the love coming from these newspaper pages?! [8.08.07 (Wednesday) 3:10pm]
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You've gotta love the Midweek Observer, comes every Wednesday and in its pages you find "Soulmates"! Ahh, the dating ads, I live for the hilarity of some of them. today i plan to share a few of this weeks.

"Slim, honest F, 50, GSOH, into books, restaurants & evenings in with a bottle of wine. Seeks slim, caring, honest knight in shining armour to rescue her from all work and no play. Maidenhead"

"Hot, educated, profess 21, M, WLTM older, sexy, passionate F for fun times, maybe more. Any age/race. Slough"

*sighs* this weeks wasn't that interesting... I've had hilarious ones...like i remmeber a couple from one of December's paper..hmm..lemme find them...ahh! Found them!

"Attractive, honest, country M, 39 seeks naughty maiden, 25-55, for romps in the hay. Wallingford"

"Mother Xmas, 50, seeks Father Xmas to pull her cracker. Reading"

Yeah...those were good ones!

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Busu (Ugly) [8.07.07 (Tuesday) 12:28pm]
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So me, my mom and my bro Lolo are watching a J-Drama called ブスの瞳に恋してる -Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru (In Love with Eyes of an Ugly Girl / Falling in Love in the Eyes of the Unpretty), and then this conversation comes up:

Me: I mean,come one, even ugly people get love. I mean look at Wilhelm!
Mom: WHAT?!?! But he's good looking!
Me: Yeah, I know, I was just kidding.
Lawrence: Ya, because you're ugly!
Me: Aww, thanks.
Mom: Yes! Lolo you're right! It's like the beauty and the beast *points at me*.
Me *gapes*

I have such a emotional-boosting family.

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